Diode laser is really effective in treatment of sensitive teeth .so ,laser can reduce this type of*

problems  in patients.

During oral surgeries by laser , most of the time you wont have any type of injections , no bleeding *

Also no sutures. The wound healing period  will reduce to half or less ,since laser affect the cells and

tissue to Decrease the healing time ,beside it's effective role in sterilization and disinfection

Will  reduce the usage of antibiotics during various type of dental treatments also prevent the

Resistancy  to antibiotics .


Bleaching teeth by laser will reduce the chair time and also prevent  future sensivity  which most of *

the patients suffer from it.


Preparing  the teeth by laser during restorative treatments will save some patients from vibration    *

And Noises causes by burs and drills also will reduce the chair time in a dental office.


Pediatric dentistry is pretty more comfortable for both children and their parents who afraid of *

injections or long chair time treatments ,children will experience no pain or injection during dental

treatments in my office .


*Beside scaling & polishing ,I use different type of lasertherapy  for inflamed gingiva which prevent

from advanced  periodontal disease and also future periodontal surgeries.


*For most of the hopless  teeth which need to extract ,laser treatments find a way to survive for

Longtime , by affected  both bone & gingive to reconstitute & regenerate.


In root canal therapy , laser therapy can complete the classic methods in order to result in perfect *

treatment  and remove most of the periapical lesions without need to epico surgeries.