Dr.Nashmil Tabrizi

Master ship of laser ,Aachen university -Germany
Fellowship of Canadian Academy for Esthetic Dentistry ( CAED)
Fellowship International Academy for Dental Facial Esthetic ( FIADFE )

Dental Specialty Center Dr Nashmil Tabrizi

Since your smile is an essential factor in how you express yourself and others perceive you , when it Comes to enhancing the beauty and health of your mouth , I really try to satisfy your ideal look with A beautiful natural smile by laminates , composite veneers or different type of metal free fillings and Crowns.

  • Most dental devices
    Most of the laser treatments don’t need any kind of injections, it would help patients who afraid Needles and injections or have some medical problems which limits dentist for their dental injections.

  • Diode laser
    Diode laser is really effective in treatment of sensitive teeth .so ,laser can reduce this type of problems in patients

  • Er-YSGG laser
    By using Er-YSGG laser in my office , that would be my pleasure to help patients Forget all their fears and pains about dental treatments and encourage them to Experience new world of dentistry which present them new aspect of treatment.

Patients photo gallery and offices

With the latest in technology , we will make your experience pleasant and comfortable During all your dental treatments. Using laser in dentistry is a way of putting you in state of extreme relaxation ,most of the Time without injection .this new technique , designed to help patients who avoid the dentist Or have dental anxiety